Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fidelity in Marriage:

Hey guys so today we talked about Fidelity in marriage.  Many people think of this as having an affair with someone; but their are many ways to have infidelity in marriage.  One that is really common is having really good friends of the opposite gender.  When you are spending more time with an opposite gender friend than you spouse, that is a form of infidelity.  Even talking with them on Facebook can be a problem, if you are sharing thoughts and feelings that should only be shared between a husband and wife.  Thanks for reading and I hope you guys have a wonderful day. :D

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  1. Other than the over use of Facebook, what are some of the most common areas in which spouses can be unfaithful? What are some of the best ways to "affair proof" marriages as taught by Brother Williams? You mentioned that there are issues when individuals become comfortable "sharing thoughts and feelings" that are intimate with those who are not your spouse. What are some potential issues that may arise in so doing?