Friday, October 25, 2013

Dating vs. Courtship

Hey guys.  So today in class, and all throughout the week, we have been talking about how dating has changed over the past few years.  My professor said that when he was in college, people went on dates with many different people, sometimes in the same week.  In our society the term dating means hanging out exclusively with one person, many time not even going on a date.  It is important to date many people.  A girl  in class today gave a really cute example.  She said," Dating is like eating ice cream.  You might like vanilla, but if you never try other favors you might never really find your favorite kind."  I love this analogy because we really won't know what we want out of our relationships if we don't get to know what is out there for us.  So before you get serious with someone, try to date a variety of people before you decide what you want.  Thanks for reading and I hope you guys have a wonderful day. : D

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  1. How can dating different types of people benefit future marriages? In class this week, the RAM model was discussed, why do you feel that it is more important to "know" before you "trust?" What type of dating is most effective? When we date intentionally we are more aware of potential long-term compatibility factors. What are your feelings on "hanging out" at BYU-I?