Friday, October 11, 2013

The Family

So this past weekend we had General Conference.  I loved all of the talks given.  There were at least five talks given on the family, maybe more.  My Absolute favorite quote from conference was by David M. Mcconkie in his talk called "Teaching with the Power and Authority of God".  And he said, "Second only to the responsibility teachers have to listen to the Spirit, is the responsibility they have to listen to the student".  This was actually a quote from Elder Holland, and he applied it to teaching.  Well I love it even more when it is applied to parenting.  When we realize that we can learn so much from our little children, we will have a humble and happy home.  This week in class we talked about culture and class and how that affects us as people.  As human beings we like staying in our comfort zone.  That is why when we move to another place, we hang out with people who have the same interests as us, as well as other things.  If we want to move classes, or cultures, i think that is possible, but it will be difficult for them as well.  If you want to read the talk by Elder Mcconkie here is the link:  If You want to read any other talk for the LDS General Conference you can find them here:  Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a Wonderful day.  :D


  1. Hey its your TA Emily again! I also loved Elder McConkie's talk, it was such a powerful reminder of the importance of remaining humble. I love that you connected this idea to to raising a family. It is vital that we not only listen to our children but seek to emulate their Christ like qualities. Why do you think children can teach so much wisdom?

  2. Well I just think that no matter their age, they really do know truth and when they learn it and apply it to their lives, they can teach us by their actions as well as through what they say. If we listen they could teach us what is most important in life. This is my favorite Christmas Mormon message and is a good example of this