Friday, October 4, 2013

The Families System

So this week in class we talked about family systems.  Meaning that everyone in the family has a role, and what you do with that role contributes and influences the family.  These influences and contributions can lead to the parents focusing more on one child than the others.  For instance, if a child has an illness that requires the parents to focus more on them, the other children, inevitably, will get less attention.  But everything we do can have an influence on the family system, not just big things.  When we realize this we can then make a conseous effort to try and influnese our family system in a positive way.  Sorry I haven't posted all this week.  I hope that you have a wonderful day. :D


  1. I agree that everything we do can influence families. This is why we need to work to be an example and an influence for good with in our families. Everyone in a family is important. :)

  2. Well said Brenn! I think awareness as you said is the beginning to making a positive contribution in our families. When we are unaware for any reason....whether that is due to ignorance or choosing to be in denial, it negatively impacts our relationships and the entire family system. Thanks for sharing your insights!